Credit Cards for Bad Credit. What we Recommend When Starting Out

Secured Credit Cards

The cost of having bad credit can lead you to not being able to live the life you truly desire. While you may feel like you are stuck with your bad credit score, it is absolutely possible to start digging yourself out of that mindset.


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Using a Secured Credit Card

There are plenty of ways that you can start building your credit score. One specific way is by opening up a secured credit card. A secured credit card can only be opened and used if the user deposits a certain amount of money, which is then used as a security deposit. Each bank also has different policies so a security deposit may not be all you need. When using a secured credit card you are essentially using your own money to pay for things and are mimicking how you would use an unsecured credit card under your name. It helps you prove to the banks and yourself that you are capable of paying bills and will also help raise your credit score while doing so.

Credit Cards to Rebuild Credit

Something to consider when thinking about getting a secured credit card for the sole purpose of improving and building your credit score, is to make sure that whatever bank you are getting your secured credit card from, reports it to at least one credit bureau.

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